Full On Tennis Definitions

The meaning to me of some of the common words or terms I use in my blog posts in no particular order:

Champion: For me a champion is someone who maintains an elite standard over time and continually wins – a lot! They also have great respect for their sport and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner. Some examples are:

Roger Federer
Bjorn Borg
Jack Nicklaus

Whinger: Also known as whinge bag – think Andy Murray sooking to his box and almost blaming them when things are not going well.

Stanimalesque: My term for the act of hitting the cover off the ball in a manner reminiscent of Stanimal, particularly with reference to his backhand.

Stanimal: The affectionate name given to Stan Wawrinka by I believe Roger Federer

Dickhead moment: Doing something stupid especially when you know you should not.

Hewitt-less-mess: A term I coined for players who display the never say die attitude, determination to win and guts of Lleyton Hewitt. However, they do not have the tantrums, abuse officials or spit the dummy in the way Hewitt sometimes did.