ATP Sport Tennis

No 21. Felix Auger-Aliassime

FAA had an outstanding year for one so young. He impressed early with an ATP 500 final at Rio de Janeiro and made finals at Stuttgart and Lyon as well as semi-finals at Miami Masters 1000. During the season he defeated top 10 Tsitsipas on two occasions. He suffered fatigue and a left ankle problem in the later stages of the season which no doubt stifled his rise up the rankings toward the top 10.

Auger-Aliassime will have significantly benefited from his first full season on tour, and I expect him to improve his ranking in 2020. FAA is a balanced player with nothing flashy about his game but his style looks suited to the modern game, and this should see him able to hold up under pressure in the years ahead. I think of FAA as composed, confident, efficient and grounded.

Composed: For someone as young as Felix, he seems very relaxed and unworried or flustered by pressure situations on the court.

Confident: In a non-cocky way, he seems satisfied and assured of his abilities and has showcased his skills well on the big stage thus far.

Efficient: Felix seems to possess that rare ability to move well without looking like he is working very hard.

Grounded: FAA seems to be wise beyond his years and doesn’t appear at all to have an inflated opinion of himself that can so often come with talented young sportspeople.

Likes: I like his attitude and professionalism he shows toward the game.

Dislikes: None for Felix.

Areas for improvement: His first serve is healthy; however, he can be prone to double faults. He displays decent technique with his strokes; yet, all of them have scope for improvement with age and training. He doesn’t possess a drop shot of any note on the forehand side, and his volleys are weak in comparison to his peers. As he hones, his skills in time, I expect him to become a top 10 regular in the future.

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