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No 20. Grigor Dimitrov

Considering the talent Grigor possesses, 2019 was a disappointing season for him. He finished the year at 20 after starting it at 19. He did not win any titles and at one point had plummeted to 78 in the rankings.

However, Dimitrov salvaged his year in Q4 of the season with a semi-final run at the US Open and semi-final in Paris Masters 1000.

I like watching Grigor, and my thoughts on him are athletic, talented, fun and frustrating.

Athletic: If Grigor were not a tennis player, I could imagine him being a gymnast or circus acrobat. He is not flashy in the way Monfils can be, but he has fantastic movement and is capable of some impressive physical accomplishments on the court.

Talented: Often compared to Federer in style and talent with the “baby Fed” tag, Grigor is a stylish player to watch with an excellent all-court game. 

Fun: Every time I watch behind the scenes on ATP Uncovered or similar programs with Grigor involved, he always seems to be having fun. Dimitrov seems playful off-court and often gives me the impression he is about to laugh and still shows good humour even in awkward moments.

Frustrating: From a fan’s perspective, perhaps unfairly because he resembles Federer, the expectations are too high on him from fans. There is much more to tennis than nice-looking shots, and maybe we should appreciate his skills and good nature as he is.

Likes: I love watching Grigor’s dynamic movement on the court, chasing drop shots, doing the splits getting up again and his repeat efforts during a point.

Dislikes: Grigor is such a likeable guy so none.

Areas for improvement: His backhand return is mediocre, and his backhand rally shot is a little below average. Dimitrov’s second serve can lack penetration, and double faults can get high at times. You can’t be mentally weak and reach number three in the rankings; however, I feel this is an area that could be improved to handle the high-pressure situations better. Perhaps some homework revising the master on YouTube is in order.

By fullontennis

ATP fan and recreational tennis warrior. I like to live a plant based life, keep fit, stay healthy and improve my tennis.

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