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As a hardcore ATP tour fan, it can be a challenge to keep up to date with all the news in the world of tennis. The season is long, and often multiple events are happening simultaneously. Podcasts are a terrific way to keep up to date in a time-efficient manner. However, how does one know which podcasts are worth the time and which ones contain the gold nuggets? Let me help you narrow down the field by listing down the podcasts I think are worth a listen. In no particular order:

The Tennis Podcast –

Catherine Whitaker and David Law created this podcast. They love tennis and are fortunate enough to work in the media and report on the game. However, because they love the game and talking about it got together approximately 500 episodes ago to share their passion with the world. This podcast covers both the ATP and WTA tours.

The podcast is very down to earth and often recorded in a pub or other social setting. Although very informal, don’t let that fool you because the quality of the audio is excellent and the content first rate. David has worked in various media roles and spent a few years as a communications manager at the ATP and more recently commentating for BBC radio. His experience has I think made it possible for him to get an exceptional list of guests (McEnroe, Navratilova & Murray to name just a few) on the show as well as to conduct some brilliant one on one interviews with players. My favourite episodes are the daily grand slam updates where the team that also includes Matt Roberts records a podcast at the end of each day at a slam. These episodes are perfect for me when the event is happening overnight, and I can listen on the commute to or from work and get all the relevant news of those days. The other episodes I enjoy are the insightful interviews conducted by David with players past and present such as Andy Roddick, Marcos Bagdahtis and Goran Ivanisevic.

ATP Tennis Podcast –

This podcast is the official one of the ATP tour that summarizes news and events on tour. Episodes are approximately once a week, and my favourite ones are the interviews with players and coaches. Production quality and delivery, as you would expect, are best in class. The interviewers and presenters are all world-class with past players, often conducting the interviews. If you do not have access to the TV program ATP uncovered, then this one is a must for passionate ATP fans.

Other podcasts that can be worth checking out if you have the time are:

No Challenges Remaining –

This podcast conducted the explosive interview with Nick Kyrgios back in May 2019, where he was critical of Nadal and Djokovic. Topics are varied and are worth checking in from time to time to see what they are covering. podcast –

A weekly podcast which covers the WTA and ATP tours. There are a wide variety of tennis topics covered, including interviews, latest news and tips for recreational players from experts.

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