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No 12. Fabio Fognini

The brilliant and sometimes volatile Fognini achieved a career-high ranking of 9 during 2019 before ending the year at 12. He won his first ATP Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo with some scintillating tennis during the tournament.

Fabio is undoubtedly colourful, and I love watching him play. For me, I think brilliant, testy, emotional and of his strut.

Brilliant: Check out his YouTube best of highlights. His best matches are breathtaking, and his highlight reel is elite — one of only a few who have beaten Nadal 3 times on clay. You have to be brilliant to do that.

Testy: Can go from calm to irritated very quickly. Fabio can leave you scratching your head as to why he is getting so upset.

Emotional: In the Italian way, his body language is expressive, and he has no poker face. You know how he is feeling on the court at any given time.

Strut: Paces the court like a peacock. Whether it’s arrogance and disdain for his opponent or merely self-confidence only Fabio knows.

Likes: Is an absolute highlight reel when feeling it. The backhand line is exceptional. Ultra-fast and a great defender. The drop shot is a beauty. Good at getting under the skin of a player who deserves it. Great feel.

Dislikes: When he spits the dummy and can’t get himself back into a match. He’s tough but sometimes seems to decide that he would prefer to go home and put his feet up than fight.

Areas for improvement: Serve – doesn’t get enough free points. A most significant issue would appear to be his mind. No Federer (who he has never beaten) YouTube vids can help with that. Is an excellent volleyer, however, does not approach often enough to use this strength. His homework is to find that calming influence who can help him channel his frustrations on the court. Let’s face it though, fabulous Fabio at 32, is unlikely to do homework :-).

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2 replies on “No 12. Fabio Fognini”

Watched Fabio destroy Nadal on clay once. It was amazing, he played with such ease and seemingly no regard for who he was facing. Just incredible.


Yep, he can do amazing things and I wish he would do them more often because I love watching him. Fabio has top 10 skills but sadly doesn’t apply then frequently enough to achieve that ranking.


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