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No 11. David Goffin

Goffin did not win a title in 2019 but accumulated enough good tournaments to secure a year-end number 11 and finish in the top 20 for the fourth time.

Goffin at 180 cms (5′ 11″) and 28 years of age will need to keep improving if he is to contend for a top 10 birth in 2020. He evolved his game in 2019 and will need to continue refining it in 2020.

When I imagine Goffin on the court, I think smooth, fast, efficient and timing.

Smooth: Goffin is a silky smooth, efficient mover on the baseline, supported by one of the best 2hbh on tour.

Fast: Is a jet off the mark and this coupled with his reaction speed make him one of the very best movers on tour.

Efficient: Never seems to waste energy while doing hard things. Goffin’s fantastic anticipation and court speed usually have him in position quickly and efficiently.

Timing: Takes the ball earlier than most, and his timing is top-notch. With this timing we can see him hit breathtaking backhand line winners few can match.

Likes: Solid, consistent strokes. Cool, calm and collected. Like a ninja ready to assassinate by efficiency. The backhand is his money shot but possesses an excellent forehand as well. Serve is quite good after more work this year on it despite his size disadvantage.

Dislikes: In the past has not come forward enough to finish points. Often too passive in general rally play. Goffin worked with his coach Thomas Johansson on this in 2019.

Areas for improvement: Needs to keep working on coming forward, using the slice and volleying. Volley technique does still need more work. Homework is to grab a seat next to RBA and watch how the best all-court attacker does it.

By fullontennis

ATP fan and recreational tennis warrior. I like to live a plant based life, keep fit, stay healthy and improve my tennis.

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