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No 8. Matteo Berrettini

It was a big year for the charming Italian Berrettini in 2019. He followed up his maiden tour title in 2018 with two ATP 250s and a semi-final at the US Open.

Being 196 cms (6′ 5″), he is another of the bigger breed of modern player and at 23 years old should only get better in 2020. Whether that will be enough to hold his position though remains to be seen. Words for my take on him are: charming, exciting, powerful, gutsy

Charming: Fierce on the court, but relaxed off it, he can light up an interview with his movie-star smile.

Exciting: With his colossal service and canon like forehand, he is exciting to watch. Sometimes you don’t know where the ball is going, and I wonder if he does either.

Powerful: Can bomb serves at around 230 Kms and then back it up with a plus one crunching forehand.

Gutsy: Won’t go into his shell during adversity and except for the demolition job Federer put on him at Wimbledon, keeps throwing punches.

Likes: Attacking game style. Missile serve and forehand — possesses a competent slice backhand and drop shot.

Dislikes: Lack of consistency during matches. His shot selection looks very poorly judged at times.

Areas for improvement: His backhand which was exposed by a genius like Federer at Wimbledon, forcing him to try and hit it on the run. Volley and returning are in much need of work. The defence is a prominent area to improve as well if he wants to win more often at this level. Strength and conditioning could do with some work and will help with defence. His homework is to watch Federer volleys over the break and the defence of Joker and Rafa on YouTube. There are lots of improvement areas for him, and it may take several seasons to improve all of them. The good news is despite this he is world no 8.

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ATP fan and recreational tennis warrior. I like to live a plant based life, keep fit, stay healthy and improve my tennis.

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