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The ball was good

Accordingly, who am I to criticise professional tennis players? Of course, I’m no one, and I’ve never played professionally. I ask you to take my posts on players with a pinch of salt, mainly when I point out what I think they can improve on and what I don’t like about them. I do follow the game intently, play frequently and talk to plenty of other players and some professional coaches about the game. You have to also factor in the context of my comments concerning a player. Any tennis player who can make a living out of it has to have a lot of good qualities and abilities. Just qualifying for a futures tournament, for example, is an enormous accomplishment.

So, if I say, for instance, Steve Johnson has a weak backhand, then it is in comparison to his peers. It was better than most other players in the world and did not stop him from getting a consistently high ranking. There are also different facets to a backhand, for example. His slice backhand is actually excellent, but his topspin backhand is not and have you ever seen him hit one hard up the line for a winner?

Therefore the ball is good.

By fullontennis

ATP fan and recreational tennis warrior. I like to live a plant based life, keep fit, stay healthy and improve my tennis.

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