Getting Started with Full On Tennis

This is my first blog post. My intention with this site is to share my passion for tennis and living a healthy lifestyle. I have been playing tennis for about 6 years. I had kept in shape with activities like cycling, running and hitting the gym in the past. I used to get bored with these and lose motivation. After moving close to a tennis club I thought I would give it a try as having been a casual tennis fan and very occasional player when I was younger I knew it would be physically tough. It wasn’t long before I was completely hooked and aware that I was a terrible player who wasn’t very fit even though I may have looked in shape. After 6 years I would call myself a tennis tragic or tennis warrior as I can’t get enough of it.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with other tennis enthusiasts in the never-ending quest to keep improving my game and enjoying the professional sport as a fan.

I expect most of my posts to be about the ATP and playing tennis as a recreational wannabe good tennis player, covering things such as:

  • News and my opinions about what is happening on the ATP tour
  • My experiences playing tennis and trying to get better
  • Reviews on tennis equipment and anything that may help give one an edge on court
  • Fitness and nutritional information
  • The odd opinion about what is happening in other sports (I am a casual fan of sports such as NFL) and of course the WTA tour

In writing these posts I will endeavour to convey how you the reader might learn from my experiences and knowledge when it comes to my drive to improve on the court and how to live with as much vitality as possible. Then there will be posts that are just my opinions and hopefully you will engage in healthy discussions about why we may think differently or not.

By fullontennis

ATP fan and recreational tennis warrior. I like to live a plant based life, keep fit, stay healthy and improve my tennis.

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